• Modified polyether polysiloxane silicone based slip and leveling agent for solvent and water-based systems. Good anti-cratering in polyurethane.
  • Modified polyether polysiloxane silicone suitable for solvent-based coatings. High slip performance, enhances build-up appearance. Good for metal coatings, refinish and baking paints. Low inner bubble sensitivity in polyurethane coatings.
  • Fluorocarbon modified polysiloxane silicone with strong surface tension reduction property. This translates to excellent anti-crater properties, substrate wetting and improved vertical leveling. Suitable in solvent and water-based systems.
  • Modified polyether polysiloxane silicone for solvent-based unsaturated polyester systems. (UPE) Improves leveling and promotes a smoother surface. Also suitable in UV coatings.
  • Blends of high boiling point solvent with silicone for slip and leveling in solvent-based systems. Contains small amount of very compatible polysiloxane. Promotes the flow of the system while preventing solvent boiling problems that lead to pin holes.
  • More polar combination of high boiling point solvents than 3037. Promotes the flow and prevents solvent boiling problems that lead to pin holes.
  • Modified polyether polysiloxane based polymer with di-hydroxyl functional groups terminated at both ends. Can be cross-linked in polyurethane systems as well as in baking paints. Very high slip and leveling.
  • Modified polyether polysiloxane silicone that is one of the highest slip performers of Afcona silicone based leveling agents. Low foam, good compatibility and no influence to in-can transparency. Suitable for all sb systems where high slip is required.
  • Modified polyether polysiloxane silicone supplied at 100% active. Strong slip with "wet feel". Recommended for UV, metal coatings and baking paints. Enhances build up appearance in refinish coatings.
  • Modified polyether polysiloxane supplied at 100% active. Acts as a universal slip and leveeling agent for all solvent-based systems. Main properties include anti-crater, slip and anti-Bénard formation.
  • Modified polyalkyl polysiloxane silicone with slip, leveling and defoaming properties. Suitable for foam sensitive systems such as, solventless polyurethane, epoxy and coil coatings. Small degree of in-can haziness to clear coats. High temperature resistance to 280°C.
  • Modified polyalkyl polysiloxane silicone with better defoaming than 3236 and 3239 in medium to high polar systems. Moderate slip and leveling. Some in-can haze can occur. Suitable for foam sensitive systems such as solvent-less polyurethane & epoxies, also wood coatings.