Bio resistance emulsifiers

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Abitec has recently introduced bio resistant emulsifiers.  These products are based on three type of monoesters.  Glyceryl caprylate, glyceryl heptanoate and propylene glycol caprylate are three types available from Abitec.  They have shown anti microbial performance in O/W emulsions.  Ask us about performance data on kill performance of bacteria and fungi.  Potential markets include metal working [...]

PUD for wood that exceeds the performance of a 2K w/b formula

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We are pleased to introduce Hauthaway's L 3786.  This is a NMP free, APEO free, aliphatic waterbased polyurethane dispersion designed for high performance wood floor coatings.  The product employs a unique air dry, self crosslinking mechanism for improved chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and mar resistance.  With this product you have a single package system and a  [...]