Clay 80T is an organomodified (silane) high purity ultrafine sepiolite, a natural occurring needle-like silicate. Product is available on request in different coated versions.

Main Applications
Clay 80T works synergistically with most of flame retardants on polymeric systems, strongly boosting char formation during combustion and protecting polymer from further fire propagation. Clay 80T is suitable for different substrates, among them:

  • Thermoplastics & Elastomers
  • Paints and coatings
  • Others under development


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Appearance: Free-Flowing powder
Colour: Light creamy
Whiteness (%) 60
Density (g/L) 2
Surface Area (BET, m2/g) 130
Moisture (% by weight as shipped) 210
Hardness <4%
pH value 8,6


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