Cardolite NX-2023

Cardolite NX-202x products are low viscosity multipurpose resin modifiers. The long hydrophobic aliphatic side chain of the cardanol molecule gives these products a very low viscosity and provides excellent early water resistance and corrosion protection. By using NX-202x products as epoxy diluents and accelerators, high solids or solvent free formulations can be achieved with enhanced workability and faster cure without sacrificing other performance properties. In addition, the flexibility of the side chain helps increase impact resistance of the final coating. Different Grades Available.

NX-2023: Gardner color ≤ 6, wet color stable

These products are a good alternative to synthetic phenolic diluents that have unfavorable labeling.

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Nonreactive resin modifier

Typical Color ≤ 6

Typical Viscosity 40 – 100

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