CardoliteLITE 2401 is a solvent-free,very low viscosity phenalkamine curing agent designed for ambient and medium temperature cure with liquid epoxy resins and epoxy based fiber reinforced composites.It is specifically designed to have a low odor, very good fiber wetting and to be applicable in a variety of different production processes. LITE 2401is characterized by long pot life, good resistance to water, alkali and acid solutions.

Composites based on epoxy chemistry
• Vacuum assisted composite processing
• Resin Transfer Molding
• Wet Lay Up and Lamination
• Composite Adhesives

• Good processability
• Good chemical resistance
• Long Pot Life
• HighTg
• Compatible with mostepoxy resins, diluents and their blends
• Non-critical mix ratio
• Based from natural, renewable, non-food chain raw material feed stock