Tytan CX200 is a chelated Titanium Alkanolamine Complex developed as a rheology modifier for emulsion paints. Tytan CX200 reacts with colloid stabilized binders to impart a thixotropic structure to the paint through shear sensitive hydrogen bonding. Tytan CX200 has no to little effect on the rheology of emulsion paints based on surfactant stabilized binders. Tytan CX200 has improved compatibility with a broad range of paint formulations but it is still recommended that use of Tytan CX200 shall always be based on sample testing to evaluate potential interaction with other components or additives of the paint formulation.


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Alkanolamine Titanate
CAS: 68784-48-5


Water based decorative paints
Colloid stabilized Gloss, Silk and Matt


High level structure development
Enhanced shear resistance
Easier controllable processing
No reformulation cost

Colour Pale yellow
Ti Content, %: 7.0 ~ 7.2
(as TiO2 Content, %): (11.7 ~ 12.0)
Specific Gravity, d425: 1.22 +/- 0.01

Physical Properties:
Form Liquid
Viscosity, mPa.s at 25 oC : 280 ~ 360
Flash Point, oC : >71
Initial Boiling Point, oC  : 225
Pour Point, oC : <- 30

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