Tytan PBT has polymer structure with chemical formula as TixO y(OR) 4x-y. Tytan PBT is largely used in formulating heat and corrosion resistant paints. Tytan PBT can be used with zinc or alumina pigments to formulate paints suitable for application by brush or spray. It can also be used to formulate air-drying paint with silicone resins. Paint contains Tytan PBT is moisture sensitive during manufacture and storage. The film dries through hydrolysis of PBT to a thin layer of Ti-O-Si and then bond to the substrate. Once the film dried, it can stand up to 600 oC.

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Polybutyl Titanate
CAS: 162303-51-7


Air dry coatings
Heat resistant paint


Very high Ti-content
High performance binder

Colour Yellow
Ti Content, %: 19.5 ~ 21.0
(as TiO2 Content, %): (32.5 ~ 35.0)
Specific Gravity, d425: 1.12 +/- 0.01
Viscosity, mPa.s at 25 oC  1200 ~ 2500

Physical Properties:
Form Liquid
Viscosity, mPa.s at 25 oC : >45
Flash Point, oC :
Pour Point: <-25

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