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What is an Epoxy Seamless Floor System?

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Epoxy seamless floors are applied in 1/4 to 3/8 thickness as a protective aesthetic surface on concrete substrates. In light institutional floorings, they provide attractive looks, clean ability and good wear resistance. The system is an amine cured epoxy thermoset layer with suitable filler and pigments that cures in a proper time for quick back to [...]

What is an Epoxy Seamless Floor System?

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Epoxy flooring formulas are relatively straight forward two package products of the liquid resin and curing agent. A third component will be the silica filler and mixture of fine and course silica and pigment. Some manufacturers prefer to pre pigment the resin portion to assure a good pigment mix in the system. A 2 to 1 [...]

Self-leveling epoxy floors. What are they?

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Self-leveling floors consist of Part A diluted epoxy resin formulated with colorants and fine filler components such as silica flour. Part B amine curing agent and Part C courser fillers. A proper ratio of liquids (A&B) to Fillers (Part C) is 1 to 4 This makes for a flowable mix. A serrated trowel is used to [...]