Accoquat® 522LM-90

Accoquat® 522LM-90

Appearance (at 25° C/ 77° F) Light Cream Colored Opaque Viscous Liquid
Solids (%) 86-90
Color (Gardner) ≈ 2
Weight/Gallon (lbs/gallon)8.1

Minimum Pumping Temperature (° C)25

CAS Numbers: 68410-69-5, 67-63-0, 57-55-6

Category: Brand:


Chemical Name: Methyl Tallow Diethylenetriamine Condensate, Polyethoxylated, Methyl Sulfate

Accoquat 522LM-90 is dispersible in cool water. It provides excellent softening while imparting anti-static properties to fabrics. Accoquat 522LM-90 is non-yellowing to fabric at high drying temperatures even after repeated washings.


  • Household Fabric Softeners
  • Commercial Laundries
  • Nursing Homes, Hospitals and Hotels

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