Accoquat® 622 HF-90

Accoquat® 622 HF-90

Accoquat 622 HF-90 is a diamidoethyl (hydroxyethyl) ammonium methosulfate quaternary in a propylene gly-col solvent. It has low volatile organic carbons and is produced from natural/vegetable-based soybean oil sources, thus making it ideal for use in consumer and I&I green-renewable formulations.

Accoquat 622 HF-90 is dispersible in warm water (> 35° C), and with its easy-to-handle high solids, low odor and no solvent smell it provides excellent softening while imparting anti-static properties to fabrics.


  • Consumer/Household and Institutional Fabric Softeners (Vegetable-Based Claims; Fabric Rewetting Improvement Claims; Low VOCs)
  • Textile Finishing and Drying Process of Fabrics (reduces effects of exposure to Ozone in atmosphere)
  • Paper and Tissue Debonder
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Light yellow, thick viscous liquid

Solids % 88-91

Color (Gardner) ≈6 (typical)

Weight/Gallon 8

Minimum pumping temperature 25c

Flash Point >100c

CAS Numbers: 70914-09-9, 57-55-6


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