Silicone-free defoaming substance

This defoamer is recommended for systems where in-can transparency is important.

AFCONA-2018 is a silicone-free defoamer for various coating systems. It prevents the entrapment of air during processing steps such as stirring or pumping.It also functions well during the application of paints and lacquers.AFCONA-2018 is extremely suitable for use in clear and high gloss coatings because of itsexcellentcompatibility properties. It is also suitable for thick,clear coatings applied by conventional spraying where dry film transparency is very important.AFCONA-2018 is well-suited for solvent-based wood finishes wherefoamingisa problem when applied by spraying.AFCONA-2018 is especially suitable for the systems listed below whentransparency (in-can and dry film) and good defoaming power areimportant:1)polyurethane coatings for wood (not including acrylic-basedsystems)2)acid-curedcoatings for wood and etching/wash primers3)NC lacquers for woodDue to itsgood compatibility, AFCONA-2018 also can be used in resin manufacturing as a pre-added defoamer, except for acrylic-OH