Organically modified polyalkyl polysiloxane

AFCONA –2280 is a very effective defoamer and air-releaser for solvent-based and solvent-lesssystems.

AFCONA –2280is a silicone-based product developed to produce rapid de-aeration for pigmented and mat finish of wood coatingin NC,AC and PU.For high gloss and transparent wood coating,It may cause some in can haziness when the dosage ishigher than 0.50% in PU and AC system. It’s also suitable for polyurethane and epoxy compounds used in flooring or general industrial application.AFCONA –2280also acts as a very good levelling agent,giving a smooth surface to the coating.It functions differently from AFCONA 2722 asthe siliconecontent is higher and the real active ingredient as defoamer is also higher.