Organically modified Polysiloxane

Water based defoamer and anti-foam, especially for micro foams

AFCONA-2505 is an organically modified polysiloxane which designed to give good defoamer and anti-foam in all water based coating. It has excellent performance against micro foam.AFCONA –2505 have below performance and properties:1)It has very good performance in high shear application. Under high shear environment such as long period of grinding, it still can maintain it good defoaming and anti-foam performance. Thus verysuitable to use as defoamer in pigment concentration preparation and high speed flexo printing process.2)It also effective as defoamer in normally coating ranging from PU dispersion to normal acrylic based decorativepaint.3)Beside good defoaming and anti-foam properties, it also has excellent performance against microfoams.4)It has low sensitivity against crater formation.