Polyacrylic polymer

Leveling and flow control agent for solvent based coatings with anti-crater properties.

AFCONA –3258 has been developed to replace fluorocarbon modified leveling agents, providing the same leveling and anti-crater performance. It is the 100% active version of AFCONA –3758. AFCONA –3258 is a specially modified polyacrylic polymer. It reduces drastically surface tension of organic coating systems. This, together with good compatibility in most solvent-based systems and with minimal foam stabilizing effect, makes it very effective as an anti-crater and flow control agent for all solvent based coating. The leveling and anti-crater performance of AFCONA –3258 can be further improve by combining with AFCONA silicone containing or fluorocarbon containing leveling agents. It will further improve the leveling, anti-crater and substrate wetting properties.

AFCONA-3258 is especially suitable for:
1) stoving enamels based on alkyd, acrylic and polyesterresins
2) polyurethanecoatings
3) two-pack epoxycompounds
4) thermoplastic system like NC, TPA andCAB
5) UVcoating