Afcona 4016

Afcona 4016

Fluorocarbon modified polyacrylic

Anti-crater, substrate wetting and leveling agent for solvent-based coatings

AFCONA-3670 is an improved version of AFCONA-3777 on managing surface control of coatings. It has lower surface tension than AFCONA -3777. The combination with a suitable polysiloxane for better overall performance is highly recommended. Due to the fluorocarbon modification, it gives lower surface tension than normal pure acrylic leveling agents. Therefore, it gives better anti-crater and improved substrate wetting.

The obvious performances of AFCONA-3670 are:
1. improve leveling
2. prevent craters
3. help substrate wetting
4. act as a defoamer and de-aeration aid
5. do not interfere with intercoat adhesion

AFCONA-3670 is suitable for all solvent based coatings, especially:
1. baking paints, as leveling and anti-crater agent
2. PU coatings, as leveling, anti-crater and anti inner bubble agent
3. epoxies, as leveling and anti-crater agent

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Modified polyurethane polymer

Polymeric dispersant mainly used for inorganic pigments and certainorganic pigments

AFCONA-4016is a polymeric dispersant developed principally for stabilizing inorganic pigments such as TiO2, iron oxides, and matting agents. It may also stabilize organic pigments; its performance is better than AFCONA –4010 or AFCONA 4009 for organic pigments and carbon black. It can be used in almost all solvent-based coating systems due to its very good compatibility with almost all resins.

The special properties and recommended systems for AFCONA –4016are as follows:
1)Lower price point makes this product practical for use in price-sensitive systems like drum paint, NC and unsaturated polyester.
2)AFCONA–4016 also offers good compatibility with CAB and thermoplastic acrylic. Thus, it issuitable for refinish paints where price is a concern.
3)AFCONA –4016 maybe used as a co-grinding dispersant in mill bases. It also can be post-added for the correction of flooding and floating effects.
4)AFCONA-4016 has been developed as a general dispersing agent for all solvent-based paints, from high performance industrial coatings to normal decorative paints. It offers very good pigment stability performance for inorganic pigments and some selected organic pigments.

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