Afcona 5281

Afcona 5281

Fluorocarbon modified polyacrylic

Anti-crater, substrate wetting and leveling agent for solvent-based coatings

AFCONA-3670 is an improved version of AFCONA-3777 on managing surface control of coatings. It has lower surface tension than AFCONA -3777. The combination with a suitable polysiloxane for better overall performance is highly recommended. Due to the fluorocarbon modification, it gives lower surface tension than normal pure acrylic leveling agents. Therefore, it gives better anti-crater and improved substrate wetting.

The obvious performances of AFCONA-3670 are:
1. improve leveling
2. prevent craters
3. help substrate wetting
4. act as a defoamer and de-aeration aid
5. do not interfere with intercoat adhesion

AFCONA-3670 is suitable for all solvent based coatings, especially:
1. baking paints, as leveling and anti-crater agent
2. PU coatings, as leveling, anti-crater and anti inner bubble agent
3. epoxies, as leveling and anti-crater agent

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High molecular weight block copolymer with pigment affinity groups

Solvent-free wetting and dispersing additive for solvent based, solvent free and water based industrial coatings.

AFCONA –5281 is an effective dispersing agent for organic and carbon black pigments. It stabilizes pigments throughsteric hindrance. It’s high solids content also makes it suitable for low VOC coatings applications.

Afcona-5281can be used as the sole dispersant in pigment concentrates or be combined with other high molecular weight dispersants, such as AFCONA –4071 or AFCONA –4701, in order to optimize compatibility and cost.

Afcona-5281 can also be used as a post add in systems to achieve improved pigment stability. The advantages of AFCONA–5281 are:
1)Lower grindviscosity.
2)Better compatibility,especially in difficult resin systemssuch as NC, CAB andothers.
3)Compatible with all resinsystems.
4)Good pigment stability during storage.

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