Afcona 7530

Afcona 7530

Fluorocarbon modified polyacrylic

Anti-crater, substrate wetting and leveling agent for solvent-based coatings

AFCONA-3670 is an improved version of AFCONA-3777 on managing surface control of coatings. It has lower surface tension than AFCONA -3777. The combination with a suitable polysiloxane for better overall performance is highly recommended. Due to the fluorocarbon modification, it gives lower surface tension than normal pure acrylic leveling agents. Therefore, it gives better anti-crater and improved substrate wetting.

The obvious performances of AFCONA-3670 are:
1. improve leveling
2. prevent craters
3. help substrate wetting
4. act as a defoamer and de-aeration aid
5. do not interfere with intercoat adhesion

AFCONA-3670 is suitable for all solvent based coatings, especially:
1. baking paints, as leveling and anti-crater agent
2. PU coatings, as leveling, anti-crater and anti inner bubble agent
3. epoxies, as leveling and anti-crater agent

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Polyhydroxyl,carboxylic acid & amide polymer

Specifically designed for rheology control.

AFCONA-7530 is recommended to use in unsaturated polyester, PVC, epoxy,and flexible PU compounding applications. It contains hydroxyl, carboxylic, amine and amide groups. These functional groups allow AFCONA-7530 to easily form a hydrogen bonding network that leads to better rheology control. It very suitable to increase and improve the rheological behavior when used in combination with fumed silica and bentonite clays. This performance leads to better anti-settling which is very important in highly filled systems. Especially in vinyl ester systems, it gives a highly thixotropic paste when combine with fumed silica.

We recommend to use a suitable dispersing agent to disperse the fillers/extenders, such as our AFCONA-7500 or AFCONA-7520, for viscosity reduction that enable the desired higher PVC. A high PVC always cause hard settling, thus a combination of AFCONA-7530 and fumed silica will solve the settling problem. The obvious difference between AFCONA-7530 and other conventional wetting and dispersing agents are:
-Better in preventing flooding and floating of pigments and extenders due to high hydrogen bond linkage formation
-Works together with the rheology agent to give better anti-settling performance

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