BIOTREND® ZP + (38% zinc pyrithione preservative)

BIOTREND® ZP + (38% zinc pyrithione preservative)

BIOTREND® ZP + is a industrial preservative containing the active ingredient Zinc Pyrithione. Zinc Pyrithione is used to prevent microbial degradation and deterioration of manufacturing starting materials such as plastics, polymers, and latexes, and in a wide range of finished articles made from these starting materials. The chemical acts to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi, mildew, and algae that can cause various types of deterioration such as discoloration, staining, odors, etc.



Active Ingredient                                              Bis(2-pyridylthio)zinc 1,1’-dioxide (Zinc Pyrithione)
Common Name                                                 Zinc Pyrithione
% Active                                                              38%
Specific Gravity                                                 1.26-1.30
Typical Use levels                                              0.05-0.25%
Physical form                                                     Off white to tan suspension
Freeze Stable                                                       to -3ºC
Boiling Point (C)                                                 100
pH Range                                                             9.0-10.0
Solubility                                                             Miscible in water
Odor                                                                      None
Shelf Life                                                              2 years

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