Cimsil A35

Cimsil A35

Powdered additive that modifies the rheology of mortar, gypsum-plaster and concrete, improving their properties in both the fresh and hardened state.

Cimsil A35 is a thixotropic additive specially developed to act as an anti-sagging / anti-slipping agent, improving workability and visual finish in the systems to which it is incorporated.

Cimsil A35 gives mortar, plaster and concrete the following properties:

  • Workability
  • Thixotropy
  • Decreases bleed and segregation
  • Gives homogeneity and cohesiveness to the finished product
  • Improves adherence to the substrate
  • Improves pumpability
  • Avoids both tile slipping and mortar sagging
  • Improves the surface finish

Field of application

  • Pumpable concrete
  • Decorative concrete
  • Precasted concrete
  • Rendering mortar
  • Tile adhesive mortar
  • Waterproof mortar
  • Fill-in mortar
  • Self-levelling mortar
  • Repair mortar
  • Gypsum-based spray plaster
  • Gypsum-based thin layer plaster
  • Gypsum-based adhesive plaster

Dosage of Cimsil A35 varies according to the type of application. However, dosages between 0.25 and 1 %, referred to the weight of the cement are recommended.

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Off White Powder
Density .06 Kg/dm

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