Cimsil A55

Cimsil A55

Rheology modifier for mortar, gypsum-plaster and concrete, improving their properties in both the fresh and hardened state.

CIMSIL A55 is a chloride-free thixotropic additive specifi cally developed to act as an anti-sagging/anti-slipping agent, CIMSIL A55 fully develops its rheological properties by activation in the presence of cement or gypsum. It improves workability and visual fi nish in the systems to which it is incorporated.

CIMSIL A55 gives mortar, plaster and concrete the following properties:

• Thixotropy
• Workability
• Improves adherence to the substrate
• Improves pumpability
• A voids both tile slipping and mortar sagging
• Decreases bleed and segregation
• Gives homogeneity and cohesiveness to the finish product
• Improves the surface finish

Fields of applications

• Pumpable concrete
• Decorative concrete
• Precasted concrete
• Rendering mortar
• Tile adhesive mortar
• Waterproof mortar
• Fill-in mortar
• Self-levelling mortar
• Repair mortar
• Gypsum-based spray plaster
• Gypsum-based thin layer plaster
• Gypsum-based adhesive plaster

Dosage of CIMSIL A55 varies according to the type of application. However, dosages between 0.25 and 1%, referred to the weight of the cement are recommended.

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Great workability and anti-sagging effect
Off-white powder
Free flowing powder
Moisture 10-13
Bulk density 205-315
pH 10’1
Brookfield viscosity* >30.000

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