Cimsil G30

Cimsil G30

CIMSIL G30 is an attapulgite based additive specifically developed to modify rheology of wet and dry joint compounds and adhesives.

CIMSIL G30 is a rheological additive fully inert and compatible with most common binders either organic or inorganic being particularly effective in highly viscous filling pastes as joint compound for drywall or plasterboards.

CIMSIL G30 improves the following properties:
• Sag resistance.
• Workability.
• Improves spreading and pumpability.
• Decreases bleed and segregation during storage.
• Gives homogeneity to the finish product.
• Improves consistency and viscosity under high electrolyte concentration.

CIMSIL G30 is a shear thinning additive what allows the right application on the wall while strongly improves sag resistance of the compound before drying or setting. It is normally combined with cellulose ethers showing a good compatibility with them and also with other organic thickeners.It can be also used in cement mortars and other cement based systems in order to provide shear thinning properties.

Fields of application
• Wet and dry Joint fillers.
•S packle compounds.
• Crack fillers & mastics.
• Sealants.

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Rheological additive for gypsum & resin based products for construction systems improving workability, stability and sagging.

Light Cream
Free flowing powder
Moisture (%) 10 – 16
Brookfield viscosity* (c/P) 9,000 – 13,000



Dosage of CIMSIL G30 varies according to the type of application. However, dosages between 1% and 3% would be required.
Should you wish to receive advice for a more precise dosage, please contact our sales agents.

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