DeCore APCI-95 MOD

DeCore APCI-95 MOD

DeCORE APCI-95MOD is a very low foaming, water soluble anionic corrosion inhibitor used for the prevention of rust on a variety of metal surfaces. It is suggested for use as an all purpose corrosion inhibitor for copper, brass, magnesium, bronze, galvanized steel, cast iron and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

• Synthetic coolants and cutting fluids
• Industrial cooling towers
• Water based lubricants
• Alkaline metal cleaners
• Aerosol formulations
• Low foam alkaline cleaners
• Radiator fluid additive
• Treating baths for copper and copper alloys
• Water based paints and coatings

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Appearance @ 25oC: Clear amber viscous liquid

Color*(Gardner): 12 max

pH (1% in DW): 7.0 -8

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