DeCore BE

DeCore BE

DeCORE BE is a water-soluble,anionic, non-foaming amine borate. It is a very effective corrosion inhibitor for ferrous and non-ferrous metals in neutral to mildly alkaline systems including aerosol formulations.

• Synthetic coolants &cutting fluids for ferrous and non-ferrous metals
• Cooling tower additive
• Corrosion inhibitor for down-hole drilling
• Corrosion inhibitor for radiator
• Corrosion inhibitor for aerosol cans
• Corrosion inhibitor for aqueous paints & coatings
• Metal working fluids

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Appearance @ 25oC: Clear to hazy viscous liquid
Color (Gardner): 2 max
pH (1% in DW): 9.3 –10.3
Alkali Value, mg KOH/gm: 570 -60

SOLUBILITY(10% by weight): DeCORE BE is soluble in water and glycols. It is insoluble or dispersible in alcohols, solvents and oils

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