DeIonic LF-60

DeIonic LF-60

DeIONIC LF-60 is a low foaming, nonionic alkoxylated alcohol with excellent wetting and dispersing properties.

• High spray pressure cleaners
• Mechanical dishwashing
• Industrial alkaline cleaners
• Industrial metal cleaners
• Liquid laundry detergents
• Pigment grinding and dispersant
• Bottle washing
• Textile wetting and scouring
• Agricultural sprays
•Powdered detergents

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Appearance @ 25°C: Clear to hazy, almost colorless liquid

% Moisture: 1% max

pH (5% inDIwater): 5.0 –8.0

Cloud Point (1% in DI water): 14-18°c

APHA Color/Gardner Color: 50 max./ 1 max.

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