DeTAINE PB is a readily biodegradable, palmitic derived betaine acceptable for use in a wide variety of formulations including Personal Care applications (INCI name: Cetyl Betaine). This amphoteric, alcohol-free betaine produces rich, dense foam and affords good viscosity building properties. Suggested for use in acidic and alkaline formulations.

• Alkaline or acid foaming cleaners
• Bowl cleaners
• Vertical surface cleaners
• Fine laundry and fabric detergents
• Manual hand dishwashing detergents
• Viscosity & foam builder for liquid detergents
• Car wash detergents
• Hand cleansers, shampoo, body wash
• Sulfate-free personal care products

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Appearance @ 25°C: Clear to slightly hazy, viscous liquid
Color (Gardner): 1.0max.
% Sodium Chloride: 4.0 max.
% Free Amine: 1.0max.
% Solids: 22.5 +/-2.5
pH (as-is): 6.0 –9.0

• Produces rich, dense foam
• Excellent viscosity builder
• Stable in acid and alkaline systems
• Detergency
• Very low color
• Approved for use as inert in non-food use pesticide formulations
• Mildness
• Compatible with all surfactant types
• Wetting

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