DeTHOX TDA-8.5-15W

DeTHOX TDA-8.5-15W

DeTHOX TDA-8.5-15W is anonionic, 85% active, tridecyl alcohol ethoxylated with approximately 8 -9 moles of EO. It contains ~15% water to maintain fluidity for easy handling.

• High foam alkaline and acid detergents
• Solubilizer for alkyl aryl sulfonates
• Wetting agent in highly acidic systems
• Emulsion paint strippers
• Solubilizer for fragrances and oils
• Textile detergents•Agricultural spray emulsions
• Floor cleaners
• High pressure spray cleaners
• Emulsion polymerization
• Wetting agent for corrosion inhibitors
• Pulp & paper processing
• Dust suppressant for mining operations
• Vehicle wash detergents

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Appearance @ 25°C: Clear liquid
% Solids: 83% -86%
pH (5% in DI water): 5.0 -8.0
Color (Gardner)1 max

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