EXTOVER Fire extinguishing agent for class D and lithium battery fires

Grain size       1-4 mm

Dry loose bulk density       220  +/-  30       kg/m3

pH       8-12

Porosity approx     85%

Thermal conductivity      .07   W/(m-k)


Properties of Extover®
Extover® fire extinguishing agent made from recycled glass
• Multi functional (extinguisher,
absorbent, filtration medium)
• Low weight, easy handling as bulk material
• Causes no extinguishing agent damage
(compared to water, foam or powder)
• Causes no corrosion (compared to
extinguishing salts)
• Very good free-flowing and
conveying properties
• Can be used with other fire extinguishing agents
• Environmentally and health friendly (pure glass)
• Non-hazardous, no danger to users (e.g. due to
extinguishing gases or oxygen reduction)
• Reusable (if not contaminated)
• Maintenance-free
• Recyclable (if not contaminated)
• Sustainable, because it is made
of post-consumer recycled glass

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