Finesil E-50

Finesil E-50

Precipitated silica

Matting agents are high-performance silica developed for gloss reduction in a vast range of applications for a vast range of applications.

Absorbent for ink jet paper coatings
Can be used in the production of defoamers
Over 20 products ranging from 2 microns to 12 microns, with surface areas from 180 to 290 m2/g

The line contains a variety of products differing in surface area, particle size, and oil absorption. These matting agents are perfectly suited for wood coatings including floor, furniture and cabinet coatings. They provide the best in efficiency, clarity, and in-can stability, while allowing for good flow and leveling.

  • Good choice in both waterborne or solvent systems
  • Recommended for for UV Coatings Applications
  • Matting agents with high clarity and less impact on viscosity
  • Matting agents for Coil Coatings Applications
  • Matting agents for Low VOC Coatings Applications
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Surface Area (m2/g): 182

Oil Absorption (ml/100g): 270

Average Particle Size (μm): 2.5

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