INOKEM® UR 3308 (69 % biocontent)

INOKEM® UR 3308 (69 % biocontent)

Inokem® UR 3308 is a surfactant-free self-emulsified urethane modified alkyd dispersion of long oil length for airdrying water-borne industrial coatings.

Inokem® UR 3308 is an excellent penetrating hybrid resin for primer or impregnation. Thanks to its oil length this product shows high gloss, a good wood firing and a good penetration into porous substrates such as wood. The urethane content enables a good water and chemical resistance and high abrasion resistance. Inokem® UR 3308 shows generally good compatibility with other binders, as well as good reactivity with associative thickeners.

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Solids content, %                                                                     40 ±2
Oil length                                                                                   Medium
Acid value, on solids, DIN EN ISO 3682                             max. 30
Neutralizing agent                                                                    TEA
pH                                                                                                6,5 – 8,5
Viscosity (25 °C), Brookfield, spindle 3/100 rpm             < 5000 mPas

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