Pangel RMA 400

Pangel RMA 400

PANGEL RMA series is managing rheology on demand, improving cohesion, reducing bleeding and segregation and enhancing concrete pumping operations.

PANGEL RMA 400 series are high performance liquid concrete admixtures based on silicates modified and specifically developed for shotcrete.

PANGEL RMA 400 series increase sprayed concrete cohesion providing superior bond to rock substrate, faster early strength development and enhancing sprayability and pumpability properties, minimizing the rebound and allowing larger thickness build-up in a single pass in tunnels and mining applications.

PANGEL® RMA 400 series is specially developed for underground:
• Temporary and permanent rock support in mining and tunneling
• Slope stabilization
• Grouting

• Reduces/ replaces silica fume/ microsilica
• Enhances sprayability properties
• Reduces rebound reducing materials waste
• Increases thickness build-up in single pass
• Increases very early strength
• Safer, healthier reducing dust generation
• Increases mix design robustness allowing moisture and grading tolerances

PANGEL RMA 400 series increase concrete cohesion developing faster early strength without affecting other concrete plastic properties (slump life, air control management) and enhancing pumpability.

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Color Cream
Aqueous suspension
Density (g/cm3)  1,10 – 1,15
Solids content (%)  19-21
pH  10,5-12,5

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