Pangel S9

Pangel S9

PANGEL S9 is a highly efficient powder rheological additive manufactured from high purity sepiolite, for the use in aqueous systems. It is a powder additive that modifies the aqueous systems to which it is added.

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PANGEL S9 imparts excellent thixotropic and pseudoplastic properties to the system in which it is incorporated, improving stability and spreading properties:
• At rest, it provides the system with a high consistency, which produces a suspending effect and a great resistance to settling, avoiding sedimentation.
• Under a shear stress, PANGEL S9 forces the viscosity to promptly fall down, easing manual and mechanical spreading and levelling.

PANGEL S9 controls system flow and consistency, ensuring optimal distribution of solvents, fillers and other components.

Suspensions made with PANGEL S9 are stable even at high electrolyte concentration. Its rheological behaviour is stable in a wide pH range and at high temperatures.

PANGEL S9 keeps a high absorption capacity and a high degree of interaction with polymers.

Fields of application

  • Suspending agent for liquid additives.
  • Asphalt sheets.
  • Asphalt emulsions.
  • Anti-corrosion coatings.
  • Water-based paints.
  • Foundry coatings.
  • Friction elements.
  • Gaskets.
  • Epoxy adhesives.
  • Sealants and mastics.
  • Additives for cement and gypsum systems.

The homogeneity imparted to these systems by PANGEL S9 allows, in some cases, its ability to enhance the effect of some of the key components of their formulations, therefore allowing for the reduction of the dose with a resulting cost saving.

Color Light cream
Free-flowing powder
Moisture < 10
Bulk density 60 ± 30
pH 8’8
Brookfield viscosity* 30.000-60.000
D.O.P Absorption 290
Surface area BET, N2  320

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