Pangel W

Pangel W

PANGEL W range is formulated to work as thickener and water retention additive in emulsion paints.

PANGEL W is a highly efficient thickener based upon organically modified clay manufactured from highly purified sepiolite, that produces high low shear viscosity without impairing the application properties of the formula. Viscosity is not influenced by temperature no pH and together with pseudoplasticity has also a thixotropy. Exhibits water retention properties with increased open time.

PANGEL W offers the following properties in water based formulations:

  • Easy to disperse
  • Specially suitable for high solids content formulations
  • Increase productivity
  • Excellent can stability
  • Reduces syneresis
  • Adequate consistency
  • Excellent sag control
  • Avoids sedimentation
  • Good leveling

PANGEL W is added in the pigment and filler dispersion stage, after the moistening and anti-foam agents and before adding the pigments and fillers. Typical addition levels are 0.1-1% of Pangel W by weight of total formulation.

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  • PANGEL W shows a favourable cost effectiveness ratio as a thickening and water-retaining agent for water borne paint formulations based 2K epoxy resins.
  • PANGEL W offers a controlled development of viscosity in a way that permits to increase the solid content of the milling base with the consequent increase of productivity in the dispersion of pigments and fillers.
  • PANGEL W is particularly effective in the control of sagging in these formulations and it maintains the same levelling as the reference formulation.
  • At the same consistency, the three-dimensional network that
    PANGEL W creates in the paint formulation avoids formation of sediments more effectively than the standard composition made with alternative organically modified silicates.
  • The balanced composition of PANGEL W creates an appropriate rheology and water retention, which in most formulations is shown by an extension of open time and excellent brushability.

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