Pansil 100

Pansil 100

Pansil 100 is a polyfunctional additive manufactured from sepiolite. Its thick powder granulometry makes it easy to handle and use. It is an excellent suspension aid and active filler with an outstimding efficiency/cost ratio.

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Pansll 100, due to its high surface activity produces an increase In system component distribution favouring the increase of immature resistance and keeping stability after high temperature curing.

Pansil 100 is an excellent natural agent for oil filtering and as a physical carrier for micro-organisms.

Technical data
Color: Light Beige
Aspect: Fluid Powder

Fields of application

  • Filtering and discolouring.
  • Conglomerating in mineral and ceramic systems.
  • Physical carrier for chemicals and micro-organisms.


Recommendation for use
Pansil 100 can be added to the mixer as the other fillers and mineral powder components.

Recommended addition rate for Pansil 100 can vary significantly depending on the system, ranging from 1% to 5%.

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