Ravecarb 103

Ravecarb 103

Ravecarb are polycarbonate diols (PCD), which are aliphatic polycarbonate with molecular weight around 500-3000, and two terminal OH groups. PCD are increasingly well known and used intermediates for high performance PU systems in sectors like synthetic leathers, various coatings and resins for flooring or wooden surfaces, paints, elastomers, adhesives, sealants, liquid inks for printers, etc.

In all those sectors PCD are undisputedly considered as the ultimate solution in terms of quality improvement for mechanical resistance, chemical resistance, elongation property, UV resistance, anti-scratch and anti-stain properties.

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Copolymer from hexandiol and pentandiol
CAS# 101325-00-2

Theoretical OH functionality 2
OH number (mg KOH/g) 100-120

Average molecular weight 1025

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