Reolosil QS-30

Reolosil QS-30

Fumed silica untreated


  • Synthetic rubbers and Silicone rubbers: Reinforcing effect , Electrical insulation
  • Sealants: Thickening and thixotropy, Reinforcement, improved adhesion
  • Unsaturated polyester resins: Thickening and thixotropy
  • Paints / Coatings: Thickening and thixotropy, Storage stability (resistance to settlement)
  • Adhesives: Thickening and thixotropy, improved adhesion Storage stability (resistance to settlement)
  • Paper: Adsorbent, Transparency
  • Bulk materials: Anti-caking, free flow aids , Adsorbent, Anti-blocking effect, moisture resistance
  • CMP: Polishing agent
  • Toners: Improved flow properties, electric charge control, Improved toner transfer to paper


Thickening and thixotropy: REOLOSIL provides thickening and thixotropic effects in liquid systems such as polyesters, epoxies, and urethane resins due to interactions between aggregates and the development of three-dimensional networks between REOLOSIL particles.

Reinforcement: Adding REOLOSIL as a filler material improves various mechanical properties of elastomers, including modulus, elongation at break, tensile strength and tear resistance. REOLOSIL’s large specific surface area also makes it possible to achieve excellent transparency in elastomers.

Anti-settling effects: REOLOSIL improves the suspension behavior in liquid systems, such as pigmented coatings or resins containing filters.

Anti-caking, effects for Improved flow characteristics: Due to a property that makes it behave like bait bearings, REOLOSIL resists lumping and clogging. It can be used to improve the storage stability of powders that are especially prone to caking. REOLOSIL can also be used to improve flow characteristics and prevent flow problems.

Insulation: With its very low solid state conductivity and vast spacing between particles, REOLOSIL provides excellent electrical and thermal insulation properties.

Electrical charge: Hydrophobic REOLOSIL is used as a toner additive to stabilize electrical charge characteristics. TOKUYAMA can provide hydrophobic REOLOSIL grades manufactured to custom specifications.

Polishing: In the semiconductor manufacturing process, the planarizalion of silicon wafers is achieved via CMP (chemical mechanical polishing) processes such as ILD, STI and metal CMP. REOLOSIL is used in certain CMP slurries as a polishing agent, due to high purity, sub-micron particle size and its distribution characteristics.



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BET surface area (m2/g) 300±30

Primary particle (nm) 7

Si02 purity (%) > 99.9







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