SECOIA® 1400 (bio content 95%)

SECOIA® 1400 (bio content 95%)

Secoia® 1400 is an APEO free, anionic emulsion of a bio sourced alkyd resin, with a renewable materials content of 95%. It is intended for “green” paints and lacquers exhibiting a cost/performance balance allowing an interesting opportunity against best acrylics. Secoia® 1400 can be formulated without any solvent and with very low VOC/SVOC and no odor.

Secoia® 1400 is an excellent binder for low VOC mat, sheen or satin applications. Compared to conventional bio sourced alkyd emulsions, hardness development is faster, early tack and initial color reduced. Yellowing with time, especially in darkness, has also been improved.

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Specification  & Characteristics of the dispersion
Solids content, %                                                           50 ± 1
Oil content                                                                      Short
pH                                                                                    7,0 –9,0
Brookfield viscosity, mPas                                         < 1000
(LVTDV – II, 60 rpm, spindle 3)
Appearance                                                                   slightly yellowish
Stabilization                                                                  anionic
Particle size distribution, nm                                     < 300
Density, g/cm3                                                             1,02-1,03

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