SECOIA® 4400 ( 96% bio content)

SECOIA® 4400 ( 96% bio content)

Secoia® 4400 is a new APEO free aqueous emulsion of a bio sourced alkyd resin, stabilized with a brand new technology involving colloid chemistry. Natural (including water) and renewable materials content is superior to 96%.

Secoia® 4400 is an excellent binder for low VOC mat, sheen or satin applications, but also for gloss trim paints. Compared to conventional biobased alkyd emulsions containing external emulsifiers, hardness development is much faster, early tack after 24 hours lower, and yellowing with time, especially in darkness, is limited. Formulating
with Secoia® 4400 doesn’t require any drier addition. VOC/sVOC levels are very low. One should be careful with the addition of thickeners, as the reactivity of Secoia® 4400 is very high

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Specification Characteristics of the dispersion
Solids content, %                                                                 46 ± 1
Oil content                                                                            Short
pH                                                                                          8,0 –9,0
Brookfield viscosity, mPas                                               < 5.000
(RVDV-I, 20 rpm, spindle 2)
Appearance                                                                         white to slightly yellowish
Stabilization                                                                        colloidal
Particle size distribution, nm                                          150 – 300
Density, g/cm3                                                                   appr. 1

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