SECOIA® 4487 (>96% bio content)

SECOIA® 4487 (>96% bio content)

Secoia® 4487 is a new APEO free aqueous emulsion of a bio sourced alkyd resin, stabilized with a brand new technology involving colloid chemistry (the so-called Pickering emulsion). Natural (including water) and renewable materials content is 100%

Secoia® 4487 is especially designed for use in wood stains and impregnation. This long oil alkyd emulsion will enhance wood’s natural beauty and prevent grain raising.

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Solids content, %                                                         47 +/- 1
Appearance                                                                   white to slightly yellowish
pH                                                                                   8,5 – 10,5
Brookfield viscosity, mPas                                       < 5.000
(RV, 100 rpm, spindle 4)

Characteristics of the dispersion
Stabilization                                                                  colloidal
Particle size distribution, nm                                    100 – 500
Specific gravity, g/cm3                                               appr. 1

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