Sifloc DDM 65% CAS # 7398-69-8

Sifloc DDM 65% CAS # 7398-69-8

A DADMAC quaternary ammonium chloride which can form linear homopolymers and copolymers through different reactions.  At room temp, DADMAC is stable, does not hydrolyze and is not flammable.  It exhibits low toxicity and is not reactive with skin.  This product does not contain sodium chloride.

DADMAC is diallyl dimethyl ammonium chloride with a CAS # 7398-69-8




Water soluble monomer of DADMAC quaternary ammonium chloride of high purity.

Formula:  C8H16NCI

Molecular weight:  161.5

Specific gravity: .83-.86

pH:  4-7

Active %: > 65