Technicure TDU-200 M

Technicure TDU-200 M

TDU 200M is an aromatic substituted urea based on accelerator [1,1-(4 methyl-m-phenylen, bis(3,3 dimethyl urea)].  Used as an accelerator for DICY to produce shelf stable on part systems.  Perfect for adhesives, powder coatings, prepegs, films and reinforced composites.

Long pot life

Fast cure and strength development

High Tg

CAS #17526-94-2

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Urea Accelerator

CAS# 17526-94-2

off white powder

Particle size:  80% less than 44 micron

Avg particle size: 3 micron

Melting pt: 182-195 C

Purity min: 98%

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