Tokusil NR

Tokusil NR

Reinforcing agent
New generation “High Dispersible Silica” (HDS silica)
For food applications OSC has Halal and Kosher certification.
Rolling Resistance and Wet Traction:

  • Overcome the difficulties of improving wet traction and rolling resistance for rubber industry.
    Cooperate with appropriate polymers and silane coupling agents, increasing wet traction/ – Reducing rolling resistance
  • Better fuel efficiency in high performance
  • PCR and TBR tires
  • Free flow additive
  • Carrier additive applications for the food and industrial powders
  • Over 20 products ranging from 9 microns to 250 microns, with surface areas from 90 to 200 m2/g
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Surface Area (m2/g): 191

Oil Absorption (ml/100g): 280

Average Particle Size (μm): 100

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