Cardolite ULTRA LITE-2020

Cardolite ULTRA LITE-2020

Cardolite Ultra LITE 2020is a low viscosity, solvent-free multipurpose resin modifier designed for use in coatings, adhesives, and other applications. The long hydrophobic aliphatic side chain of the cardanol molecule gives this product a very low viscosity and provides excellent early water resistance and corrosion protection. Used as an epoxy diluent, high viscosity solvent or solvent free formulations can achieve enhanced workability and higher solids without sacrificing other performance properties using this product. This product also has the ability to react and be used in alkyds, urethanes, and acrylics.

Cardolite UltraLITE 2020 was designed as a formulation tool to reduce VOC levels and viscosity of coating and adhesive systems. Although higher in viscosity than some other modifiers, the structure of this product gives excellent dilution efficiency to help rapidly reduce viscosity for improved pigment wetting, flexibility, and general application properties. Physical properties such as water resistance, corrosion protection, color stability, chemical resistance, and gloss are not significantly compromised with the addition of Ultra LITE 2020, and the product can be added in on either component side of multi-part formulations.

• Lowers viscosity while maintaining performance
• Preserves chemical and water resistance
• Good dilution effect
• Adds flexibility
• Reduces high shear
• Compatible and usable in a variety of coating chemistries•Improves pigment wetting
• Reacts with urethanes, alkyds, and acrylic resin
• Low volatility and high flash point
• Non-toxic
• Based from natural, renewable,non-food raw material feedstock

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Color (Gardner) ≤2
Viscosity @ 25°C (cPs) ≤115
pH 6.7 -9.7
Flash point > 118°C

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