OSC C3350

OSC C3350

Precipitated silica

Carrier, Free Flow Agent
Food, battery separator
Over 20 products ranging from 6 microns to 21 microns
For food applications OSC has Halal certification and Kosher certification.

Application examples:

Food and Feed: Seasonings, Spices, Herbs, Sugar, Salt, Mineral mixes and Limestone

Agrochemicals: Wettable powders


Good flowability and anti-caking behavior of the milled powder

  • reduces the caking of low melting powders.
  • absorbs promptly any released liquid.
  • avoids clogging of the mill and decreases the shutdown times.
  • improves the free fl owing and anti-caking properties.
  • reduces time and cost consuming maintenance intervals.
  • increases the throughput by longer operation times.


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Synthetic Precipitated silica

White amorphous silica

CAS # 112926-00-8

Appearance: Free flow micro granule 250 micron

Moisture (105,2hrs)% 8.0 max.

pH 5% suspension 6.0-8.0

Pass 200 Mesh fines content,% 15 max.

Loss on ignition(1000,1hr)% 8.5-12.5

Oil Absorption(DOA) ml/100g 250

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