anti corrosion/hydrotrope

  • DePHOS 4AL is a low – moderate foaming phosphate ester in free acid form. Suggested for use as a lubricant, corrosion inhibitor, and emulsifier in metal working applications. Very effective for aluminum machining applications. APPLICATIONS: • Metal working products • Rolling oils • Emulsion Cleaner • Alkaline cleaners
  • DePHOS 8028 is an 80% active potassium salt of an organic phosphate ester with moderate foaming properties. APPLICATIONS: • Low foam alkaline and acid cleaners • Scouring agents • Synthetic cooling and cutting fluids • Corrosion inhibitor in aerosol can formulations • Emulsion cleaners • Textile wetting agent • Dry cleaning detergents • Pigment dispersant
  • An aliphatic phosphate ester in the acid form, based on an ethoxylated alcohol. Dispersible in water & oils. Soluble in most polar and aromatic solvents.
  • DePHOS QSA-90 is ahigh foaming, complex phosphate ester in free acid form. APPLICATIONS:
    • High alkaline cleaners
    • Wax strippers
    • Oven cleaners
    • Toilet bowl cleaners
    • Metal cleaners
    • Floor cleaners
    • Steam cleaners
    • Car wash formulations
    • Textile wetting agent
  • DeSULF SO-LF33 is a moderate foaming anionic, 33% active,sodium octylsulfate. APPLICATIONS • Caustic cleaners • Alkaline or mild acid cleaners • Cleaners containing chlorine or peroxide • All purpose cleaners • Rinse aid for mechanical dishwashing • Glass cleaners•Fire fighting agents • Mercerizing agents for textiles • Wetting agent for synthetic coolants • High pressure spray detergents • Metal cleaners • Carpet extraction cleaners
  • DeTAINE PB is a readily biodegradable, palmitic derived betaine acceptable for use in a wide variety of formulations including Personal Care applications (INCI name: Cetyl Betaine). This amphoteric, alcohol-free betaine produces rich, dense foam and affords good viscosity building properties. Suggested for use in acidic and alkaline formulations. APPLICATIONS • Alkaline or acid foaming cleaners • Bowl cleaners • Vertical surface cleaners • Fine laundry and fabric detergents • Manual hand dishwashing detergents • Viscosity & foam builder for liquid detergents • Car wash detergents • Hand cleansers, shampoo, body wash • Sulfate-free personal care products
  • A modified C8-12 sodium salt of a carboxylated propionate. Soluble in water, alcohols, and glycols. It is insoluble in oils and solvents.
  • A sodium lauriminodipropionate. A versatile, high foaming amphoteric surfactant which finds utility in a wide variety of HI&I cleaning formulations. Also suitable for personal care applications, is readily biodegradable and exhibits low toxicity. Soluble in water, glycols and alcohols; insoluble in oils and solvents.